How to sort the search results by relevance using JetSearch plugin for Elementor

How to sort the search results by relevance using JetSearch plugin for Elementor?

Depending on the content in posts, you might want to arrange them in a certain order, so that the most important content will be shown above the less important, and the least important post will be shown the last. You can easily approach this task using JetSearchg plugin, that allows sorting the search results by relevance. From this tutorial, you’ll learn how to manage the search results in order for the publications to be displayed by relevance.

Sorting the search results by relevance with the help of JetSearch

1.Let’s make sure the posts you want to display first contain the needed keywords. Actually, you should set the order of the posts that are to be displayed in the search results, using the density of the keywords. This is needed to preserve the relevancy logics.

 To display the result as the first one, and thus more relevant and important, you should ensure that it has the needed keyword in its: title, content, excerpt.

 To display the result as a close second to the most relevant one you should set the keyword in its: content, excerpt.

 The less important results should contain the keywords as well. The importance of the results decreases as the keywords are set only in the content, in the excerpt, or in the title only.

2.Finally, it’s time to set the search widget to showcase the search results by relevance. To accomplish this open the page where you want to add the search form with Elementor page builder. After that, find Ajax widget and drop it to the page’s canvas.

3.Proceed to the Content block and select the Relevance option from the Sort results by dropdown.

4.You can filter search results either by descending or ascending order in the Filter results by dropdown.

5.The last step is to click the Update button.

That’s pretty much it! Sort your post as wish now!