How to install JetSearch

How to install JetSearch?

JetSearch plugin is the first-class addon for Elementor with the help of which you can easily add the search forms to the websites whenever it is needed. From this tutorial, you will find out how to install JetSearch plugin via the WordPress Dashboard or manually, using an FTP client.

JetSearch plugin installation via WordPress Dashboard

1.Open the WordPress Dashboard and proceed to the Plugins > Add New tab.

2.Click the Upload Plugin button at the very top of the page.

3.Afterward, browse your plugin from your hard drive by clicking the Choose File button.

Please, pay attention, that you can upload only the files in the .zip format!

4.After you’ve selected the needed archive, click the Install Now button in order to start the installation.

5.After the installation is complete, go back to the Dashboard and select the Plugins > Installed Plugins tab.

5.Here, look for the JetSearch plugin and click Activate to make it work on your website.

Now, your plugin is installed and ready to use! In case you want to install JetSearch plugin manually, keep reading to discover another method of JetSearch plugin’s installation.

Manual JetSearch Installation via FTP

1.In order to start the manual installation, unpack the plugin’s archive before uploading it to the server.

2.Afterward, establish an FTP connection to access your server using any FTP client that’s convenient for you.

3.Open wp-content/plugins directory in the folder containing your WordPress installation.

4.After that, you have to upload the folder with all the JetSearch plugin files to the plugins directory on the server.

5.Then, log in to the WordPress Dashboard in order to activate the plugin.

5.Then, log in to the WordPress Dashboard in order to activate the plugin.

6.Proceed the Plugins > Installed Plugins tab.

Choose the most suitable way for you to install JetSearch plugin and enjoy its powerful functionality!