Empower your website with an easy to use AJAX-based search widget for Elementor

Display the most relevant search results in the form of attractive layouts, making sure the visitors always find the needed information.

Experience the true power of search functionality

Find out how JetSearch plugin for Elementor can help you boost your site with search.

The fast AJAX-based Search widget for Elementor

Add the ultra-fast Search block to any page built with Elementor to become fully in charge of the search results appearance.

Fully customizable search results drop-down

Manage the pagination, thumbnails, and content displayed within the search results, delivering the best user experience.

Search results displayed by relevance

Arrange the search results in the necessary order to make the most relevant search results always be displayed first.

Search within the specific categories or post types

Add search blocks with an ability to display the search results from a certain category or post type only.

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