How to establish pagination and navigation for the search results in JetSearch

How to establish pagination and navigation for the search results in JetSearch?

Navigation is one of the keys necessary for the successful user experience, especially in the context of a large number of posts or products. From this tutorial, you’ll find out how to display pagination and navigation for the search results with the help of JetSearch plugin.

Managing pagination settings

1.First, you’ll have to set a number of results displayed on one search page. Navigate to the page where an Ajax Search widget is added and click it to start editing its content. Open Search Settings block, where you’ll need to set the preferable number of results shown per one page. It should be less than your general amount of posts. Otherwise, navigation elements won’t appear.

2.After that, go to the Results Area section. Here you can see the Results Navigation block where you should choose the preferable navigation type and select its location. Note, that you have an opportunity to choose 2 types of navigation and place them in different locations.

3.As for Navigation Arrows, you can select the type of arrows as well.

4.If you don’t use some types of navigation toggle it to hidden.

5.Click Update and check how it works.

In conclusion, we can say, that the navigation and pagination elements are undoubtedly great tools for displaying the search results in a more neat and compact form.